Ing. Pavel VRBA, CSc.

tel. +41 76 3201066
  Capillary discharges and Z–pinches, Incoherent and coherent radiation sources, Modeling of relativistic electron beam, Laser plasma


Current institution

Institute of Plasma Physics, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic


Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (1960)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (PhD 1972)

Area of expertise

My scientific interests cover several fields:
Development and optimization of EUV source based on capillary nitrogen discharge. Calculations of plasma pinch quantities using 2D magneto hydrodynamic code NPINCH and simulations of kinetic and radiative properties of capillary Z-pinch according to FLY and FLYCH codes.

More precise space-time evaluation of plasma quantities of proposed experimental device based on 2D radiative magneto hydrodynamic code Z*. Evaluation of time resolved and time integrated spectra in water window region and comparing them with the experimental results.

Laser plasma created in a krypton gas puff target is studied as a source of radiation in the water window spectral range (λ = 2.3 – 4.4 nm). The spatial development of the plasma induced by a sub-nanosecond Nd:YAG laser pulse focused on the gas puff target is modeled using 2d RMHD code Z*. Temporal evolutions of the krypton ions relative populations prove that ions from Kr21+ and Kr22+ are responsible for dominant spectral intensity emitted at a wavelength around λ = 3 nm.

Trajectories of relativistic electrons driven by internal electric and magnetic fields of capillary discharge plasma are studied. Our computer code is based on the solution of four first order differential equations for instantaneous position and momentum of charged particle.

Illustrative publications

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  • Müller M., Kühl F.-Ch., Großmann P., Vrba P., Mann K.: Emission properties of ns and ps laser-induced soft x-ray sources using pulsed gas jets. Optics Express 21 [10] (2013) 12831-12842
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  • Vrba P., Vrbová M.: Laser-Irradiated Gas Puff Target Plasma Modeling. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 42 [10] (2014) 2600-2601


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