Doc. Ing. Marie POSPÍŠILOVÁ, CSc.

tel. +41 76 3201066
  Lasers, Optical fiber sensors and Photo-physics


Current institution

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague


Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, Faculty of Nuclear Physics and Engineering

Area of expertise

My area of scientific expertise and interests covers: a) application of lasers and optical fibres in sensor systems for biology and medicine b) investigation of fluorescence spectra’s of cells for possible using in cancer treatment

Currently, my research contacts and/or collaborations continue in the field of optical fiber censor for frequency measurement of biological objects and investigation of fluorescence spectra healthy and carcinoma cells.

Illustrative publications

  • H. Kalabova, M. Pospisilova, R. Siroka, G. Kuncova: A biosensor with encapsuled  bioreporters—optical fiber element for enhanced detectection of bioluminiscence. Meas. Sci. Technol. 29 (2018) 075104 (7pp)
  • Zajíc J., Bittner M., Branyik T., Solovyev A., Sabata S., Kuncova G., Pospisilova M.: (2016) Repetitive inductions of bioluminescence of Pseudomonas putida TVA8 immobilised by adsorption on optical fibre. CHEMICAL PAPERS , Volume: 70, Issue: 7, Pages: 877-887
  • Pospisilova M., Kuncová G., Trögl J.: (2015) Fiber-optic chemical sensors and fiber-optic bio-sensors. Sensors 15, pp 25208 – 25259, doi:10.3390/s151025208