RNDr. Radek MACHÁŇ, Ph.D.

tel. +41 76 3201066
email radek.machan@natur.cuni.cz
  Cell Bio-physics, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy


Current institution

Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague,  Czech Republic


Charles University, Prague, CR; National University of Singapore, Singapore

Area of expertise

My scientific expertise is mainly centered around fluorescence spectroscopy and advanced fluorescence microscopy, such as fluorescence lifetime imaging, super-resolution imaging and above all fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in all its modalities. My research interest cover methodological development in the area of the above mentioned techniques as well as their applications to the study of processes in biological and biomimetic systems, particularly membranes of living cells and their artificial analogues such as supported lipid bilayers.

Illustrative publications

  • Macháň R, Hof M, Chernovets T, Zhmak MN, Ovchinnikova TV, Sýkora J. Formation of arenicin-1 microdomains in bilayers and their specific lipid interaction revealed by Z-scan FCS, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 399 (2011) 3547-3554
  • Macháň R, Kapusta P, Hof M. Statistical filtering in fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 406 (2014) 4797-4813
  • Macháň R, Foo YH, Wohland T. On the Equivalence of FCS and FRAP: Simultaneous Lipid Membrane Measurements, Biophys. J., 111 (2016) 152–161