RNDr. Taťána Jarošíková, CSc.

tel. +41 76 3201066
email jarostat@fbmi.cvut.cz
  Molecular Biology, Genetics


Current institution

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague


Faculty of Biology, Kharkiv State University; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University,  Prague:  Rigorous Proceedings - RNDr. (Rerum naturalium doctoris); Postgraduate: Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology,  Prague, Ph.D.  degree

Area of expertise

Focus and years of experience: 5 years research in imunology (transplantation imunology a anti-infection imunology in mycobacterial infection),in Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, and in Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology / Public Health Institute, Prague.: senior researcher - an immunologist at a Research group of mycobacterial infections

From 1996 teaching biology and from 2008 teach molecular biology, cytology and genetics on Faculty of biomedical engineering in the Czech Technical University in Prague

Research in molecular genetics in Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague

Illustrative publications

  • Jarosikova T.: Infection diseases – a genetic view. Cent. Eur.J.Biol. 6(2), 2011,  p. 131-144
  • Šíma M, Havelková H, Quan L, Svobodová M, Jarošíková T, et al.: Genetic Control of Resistance to Trypanosoma brucei brucei Infection in Mice. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 5(6), 2011, p. 1171-1173
  • Sohrabi, Y; Havelková, H; Kobets, T; Šíma, M; Volkova, V; Grekov, I;  Jarošíková, T; Kurey, I; Vojtíšková, J; Svobodová, M;  Demant, P; Lipoldová, M. Mapping the genes for susceptibility and response to Leishmania tropica in mouse.  PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2013 vol. 7, no. 7, s. e2282.
  • Vocetková K, Míčková A, Jarošíková T, Rosina J, Handl M, Amler E,:  Liposomy, jejich charakterizace, příprava a inkorporace do nanovlákenných nosičů. Lékař a technika, 2014, Vol. 44, s. 11-17
  • Jarošíková T,: Recombinant congenic strains of mice – first and the only one genetic model for the study of susceptibility to the parasite Leishmania tropica. Physiol.Res. 63: 15P, 2014
  • Filová E, Jakubcová B, Danilová I, Košťáková E, Jarošíková T, Chernyavskiy O, Hejda J, Handl M, Rosina J, Amler E,: Polycaprolactone foam modified with chitosan microparticles is a suitable scaffold for cartilage regeneration.  Physiol Res. 2016, 14; 65(1):121-31.