Doc. RNDr. Vlastimil FIDLER, CSc.

tel. +41 76 3201066
  Molecular Bio-physics and Photo-physics


Current institution

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic,
Brown University, Providence, RI, USA


Charles University, Prague, CR,
The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, UK,
Institute of Molecular Sciences, Okazaki, Japan,
University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Area of expertise

My area of scientific expertise and interests covers several fields: luminescent centra in the solid state, transport and separation phenomena in electrolytes, primary photochemical processes in photosynthesis, advanced research in molecular photo-physics (such as experimental study of intra-molecular couplings, electronic and vibronic excitation energy transfer and relaxation), nano-particle photo-physics, all by ultra-high time-resolution optical spectroscopy techniques (such as fs 2D IR and/or UV-VIS 3-pulse photon echo), and recently also XUV short pulse spectroscopy and imaging.

Currently, my research contacts and/or collaborations continue in the field of molecular photochemistry & photophysics, in the field of self-assembling processes, and Rtg/XUV imaging.

Illustrative publications

  • Xiaoliang Wei, Wenjun Tong, Vlastimil Fidler, and Matthew Zimmt: Reactive capture of gold particles by strongly physisorbed monolayers on graphite. J. Colloid and Interface Sci., 387 (2012) 221-227

  • P. Brůža, D. Pánek, M. Vrbová, V. Fidler, and C. Rose-Petruck: Spatial frequency heterodyne imaging in the soft x-ray water window, Applied Physics Letters 104, 254101 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4884935


  • M.Hof, R.Hutterer, V.Fidler, (Eds.), Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology: Advanced Methods and their Applications to Membranes, Proteins, DNA, and Cells, Springer Verlag, Berlin, (2004)

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